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Land Safe.

Land Soft.

Land on Target.


Absolute Flight is Utah's premier backcountry flight school.  Located one hour from the stunning red rock cliffs of Mexican Mountain and two hours from the grassy meadows of Smiley Creek.  We are the epicenter of the best backcountry flying in the lower 48.


We pride ourselves in creating pilots who are safe and proficient in the art of flying conventional gear aircraft as well as introducing pilots to the joys of backcountry and off-airport flying.



Whether you are a seasoned airline pilot, a student pilot, or anywhere in between, flying and landing in the backcountry is something all pilots should experience at least once in their life.  This is the place to learn the ropes and develop the skills necessary to safely land on un-improved surfaces and navigate the non-standard approaches common in many backcountry strips.  We can do this training in your own aircraft, our Cessna 182B, or our 180hp Cessna 170B.


With the recent surge in popularity of conventional gear aircraft, many pilots are looking to add a tailwheel endorsement to their skill-set.  Learning to take-off and land a tailwheel equipped plane is one of the best ways to improve your stick and rudder skills and is an excellent investment in your flying future.  This training is accomplished in our 180hp Cessna 170B.

*See "Our Services" tab for a full list of training options.  Customized training plans are available upon request.


Backcountry 101

"Neil at Absolute Flight is a great instructor with a structured curriculum, he has an incredibly well-maintained Cessna. We practiced takeoffs, a variety of procedures like power-off 180 landings, engine out landings, and landing on dirt strips. I enjoyed flying with Neil and Absolute Flight so much that I will be taking more lessons to increase my proficiency further."

—  Jesse S., Pilot

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