Land Safe.

Land Soft.

Land on Target.


Absolute Flight is Utah's premier tailwheel and backcountry flight training school.  We pride ourselves in creating pilots who are safe and proficient in the art of flying conventional gear aircraft as well as introducing pilots to the joys of backcountry and off-airport flying.



With the recent surge in popularity of conventional gear aircraft, many pilots are looking to add a tailwheel endorsement to their skill-set.  Learning to take-off and land a tailwheel equipped plane is one of the best ways to improve your stick and rudder skills and is an excellent investment in your flying future.


Weather you are a seasoned airline pilot, or a freshly minted private pilot, flying and landing in the backcountry is something all pilots should experience at least once in their life.  This is the place to learn the ropes and develop the skills necessary to safely land on un-improved surfaces and navigate the non-standard approaches common in many of our countries backcountry strips.


"After years of thinking about it, I finally got my tail-wheel endorsement.  I new it would be challenging but what really surprised me was how FUN it was!  I didn't realize we had so many unique places to land around Salt Lake City... Dirt strips, gravel runways, grass fields, and even dry lake bed.   The only problem is now I want my own taildragger so I can go enjoy all the awesome unique landing sites that Utah offers."