At Absolute Flight we believe that advanced flight training should be standard practice for all pilots regardless of their experience level.  By focusing on the fundamentals of aeronautical decision making we insure you are ready to land in any environment, in any conditions, day or night.  



Our mantra is "Land Safe, Land Soft, Land on Target."  Using techniques adopted from traditional aviation, we break down those three steps so our students understand the priorities of every landing.  Specific training will be given on: Slow flight and stalls, wheel landings, 3 point landings, crosswind landings, approach techniques for accuracy landings, and flare technique.​


The aeronautical environment is dynamic and constantly changing.  It is impossible to be prepared for real world flying scenarios if your experience is limited to major airports with large paved runways.  In our mountain flying course, we focus on off-airport landings and actual mountain flying.  We review the techniques used to successfully land and fly in the following environments: Mountain/High Altitude, Urban, Beach/Water and Snow.  This training is intended to help participants get full performance out of the aircraft and make consistent landings within 25' of their touchdown point at minimal controllable airspeed.


One of the best ways to see our rugged local wilderness is by air! What would take a few days to see in a car, we will squeeze into an action packed 40 minute flight.  Half of the flight will be up high with expansive views, and the other half will be "low and slow" where you will feel like we are in a flying car.  Full moon night flights are also available by special request.



"Before taking the Absolute Flight Mountain Flying Course my landings were inconsistent and I didn't have confidence at new airports, specifically smaller runways.  During the course I learned new techniques that greatly improved my approach, aircraft control, and touch-down accuracy.  Without a doubt I am a more proficient and safe pilot."


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