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Backcountry Flight Training in a Cessna 170 or Cessna 182.

Tailwheel 101
(Cessna 170)

Learn the fundamentals of flying a conventional gear aircraft and receive your FAA tailwheel endorsement. You will be flying one of the best 4 seat taildraggers ever made, a 180hp Cessna 170B.  To my knowledge, we are the only option in the USA where you can get your TW endorsement in a Cessna "Super 170B" on 31" Alaska Bushwheels. All course prices include ground and flight training, aircraft rental, and fuel.  3 and 4 day courses include visits to remote Utah and Idaho backcountry airstrips.

$5,500 - 2 day course (includes 10 flight hours)
$7,350 - 3 day course (includes 14 flight hours)
$9,000 - 4 day course (includes 20 flight hours)
$9,500 - 4 day excursion (unlimited flight hours)

Tailwheel Discovery Flight
(Cessna 170)
Get an hour of flight time in one of the best bush-planes ever made.  Includes landing at a local dirt  strip.

$500 (discounted off the tailwheel 101 course cost if you continue your training) 

Tailwheel 102
(Cessna 170)
Designed for tailwheel endorsed pilots who are un-current, or current tailwheel pilots wanting to improve directional control, short/soft field technique, stabilized approaches, crosswind landings, and STOL. Training can be completed in Utah or Idaho.

$1,200 - Half Day 
$2,400 - Full Day 
$8,000 - 20 hrs block time
Backcountry 101
(Cessna 182)
Begin your journey into the backcountry in our 182B by experiencing various types of un-paved landing surfaces and STOL techniques.  We will visit local charted strips to get comfortable landing on gravel, grass, and dirt, all in the Salt Lake City area.

$1,000 - Half Day 
$2,000 - Full Day 

Backcountry 102
(Cessna 182)
A real experience in off-airport flying.  We will visit some of Utah and Idaho's most famous backcounry airsrips.  Recomended pre-requsite of Backcountry 101 course.

$1,200 - Half Day 
$2,400 - Full Day 
$8,000 - 20 hours block time
Backcountry Course
(Cessna 170 or 182)
Complete our full backcountry syllabus over 3 days of unforgettable flying using either of our aircraft.  Using a "crawl, walk, run" style of flight instruction, we start out day 1 on a local dirt strip learning the fundamentals, and by day 3 we are deep in the mountains visiting the best backcountry airstrips in the lower 48.

$6,000 (all inclusive) 

High Performance Endorsement
(Cessna 182)

Receive your high performance endorsement on a private dirt strip in our 230hp Cessna 182B.  Includes the full syllabus from our Backcountry 101 course.

$1,000 (ground and flight time vary by student experience) 

Flight Review
(Cessna 170 or 182)
Accomplish your FAA 14 CFR 61.56 flight review in either one of our awesome aircraft.  Includes backcountry 101 syllabus and a visit to one of our local dirt strips for some pattern work.

$750 (minimum of one hour flight, one hour ground)
Mountain Flying 101
Learn what all the talk is about regarding density altitude, canyon turns, and good aeronautical decision making while flying in and around the mountains. Includes a landing at local dirt strip and real world mountain flying time.

$1000 - Half Day 
Mountain Flying  102
(Cessna 182)

Take mountain flying theory, and apply it in real life by landing at three of the highest charted airports in the United States: Telluride (9,070'), Leadville (9,934'), and Aspen (7,838').  Day one involves a flight to KCNY.  We spend the night in Moab and start early on day two  by flying our high altitude triangle, landing at each airport, and returning to KCNY.  The morning of the third day we fly back to SLC.

$7,000 + lodging
*optional stop at Mexican Mountain on day one and Hidden Splendor on day three.
Private Aircraft
Backcountry, tailwheel, and mountain flying training in your own aircraft.

$750 - Half Day
$1500* - Full Day

*additional costs for extended duty and/or overnights
Scenic Tours
Experience the Great Salt Lake in an unforgettable way, from the air!  A one hour long aeronautical journey where we often see buffalo, elk, deer, coyote, antelope, and eagles.

$249 per person 

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