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to the #1 flying tour in Salt Lake City!

$249 per seat (3 seats available)
*10% discount for 2 or more passengers

With over 100+ five star reviews as an Airbnb Experience, you are GUARANTEED to have a unique, memorable, and fun flight!


Our passengers have included first dates, marriage proposals, anniversaries, first time flyers, birthday surprises, tourists, locals looking for adventure, grandparents, children, newborns, pretty  much anyone wanting to make some core memories!



On this unique, adventurous experience you will get a a birds eye view of The Great Salt Lake that puts into perspective the scale and beauty of this top Utah attraction.  What would take a full day to see in a car, we will squeeze into an action packed 40 minute flight. The GSL is an iconic landmark and you will see views that have been constantly evolving since it’s creation during the Bonneville flood over 14,500 years ago!   One of the benefits of visiting the lake by air is we have no negative ecological impact.  The sensitive eco-system is able to grow and evolve as if we were never there.  Often we also get to see up close many of the animals that call the Great Sale Lake home such as elk, antelope, buffalo, deer, coyote, and even eagles.  Upon meeting at the airport I will escort you to our trusty steed, a vintage Cessna Bush-plane straight out of Alaska.  The airplane we will be using is one of the greatest tools for exploring the local area and you are guaranteed a flight you will never forget.  After a quick safety briefing we will get in the plane, buckle up, and begin our adventure.  Half of the flight will be up high with expansive views, and the other half will be "low and slow" where you will feel like we are in a flying car.  With four seats there is room for the pilot and three passengers each flight. 

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