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Neil Amonson, the founder of Absolute Flight, is a commercial pilot, flight instructor, skydiving and paragliding instructor, and a veteran of the United States Air Force Special Operations.  He has flown sea planes in Alaska, jumped wingsuits off the Eiger in Switzerland, and paraglided from the sea cliffs in Santorini, Greece.  He also has a bachelors degree in professional aeronautics.  More recently Neil has been working as a DHC-8 pilot in Alaska flying smoke jumpers and DOD contract pilot in Africa.  Finding his love for flight at a young age, he has pursued a career in aviation for the last two decades.  You might says Neil is more comfortable being airborne than on the ground!  The skills he has developed over his twenty years of aeronautical experience will be directed at helping you land safe, land soft, and land on target. 


All courses can be modified based on the needs of the client.   Send us a message with training requests or questions.


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